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Kapil Jain

Technical Director

Kapil is the Technical Director for Zorang and is heading the various cross located teams in Gurgaon, Pune and Bangalore offices. He is very passionate about using new technologies like AI and Blockchain to create new generation products for business needs and comes with 17 years of experience in Developing, Maintaining and designing SaaS and B2B applications. He comes with a strong experience working in Investment and Corporate banking domain. He has also done many implementations in Analytics and Application of Machine learning and RPA for optimization of business process, creating data visualization and predictive analytics for specific needs. He has extensive experience in Digital transformation and Implementation of Agile (scale) processes to create teams that are self motivated, high performing and highly responsive to change.

Kapil has a B.E degree in Electronics and Telecommunication and is based out of Gurgaon. Apart from work, he enjoys playing Chess, reading and keeping updated on current industry trends in terms of technology and processes. He also enjoys playing cricket and badminton when he gets time for it.