Zorang Smart Contracts Manager (SCOMA)

//Zorang Smart Contracts Manager (SCOMA)
Zorang has developed a Smart Contract Analytics platform using AI and powerful machine learning algorithms and a beautifully designed user interface to create a very simple experience for your organization’s Sales, Marketing, Technical and Business Operations teams.

Zorang SCOMA analyzes all of your documents stored in multiple structured and non-structured repositories leveraging a powerful AI engine to extract all business critical information providing visibility and actionable intelligence to your teams who may not normally have access to the information, like non-legal users. Users can access the information through traditional analytical graphs and reports or can leverage the paradigm shifting and revolutionary chatbot interface for accessing the information through a natural language conversational interface.

Simplified Implementation and features :

  • Create a repository for all contractual documents for your organization 
  • Gain insights and analytics by training and reading contracts from various data sources in your organization
  • Leverage Zorang AI engine to extract business critical information like Type of Contract, Parties to the Contract, Overview, Start and End Dates, Duration etc.
  • Powerful Natural Language interactive interface for users through a chatbot.
  • Analytics : 
    • Overview of Contracts expiring in upcoming months, quarter or year
    • Overview of Contracts on first or second party basis
    • Custom filter and criteria to show data snapshots
    • Custom AI modeling for customer specific business critical information
  • Training and Verification of new contracts via a user friendly interface by a non technical person
  • Tag documents using Natural Language Processing and AI based keywords for enhancing search and analysis