Akeneo Rules Composer

Akeneo Rules Composer

The Akeneo Rules Composer by Zorang provides a way for creating and editing rules in Akeneo Enterprise Edition using a user-friendly and intuitive UI seamlessly integrating with the default Rules functionality of Akeneo. Akeneo provides a way to view Rules but for creating and editing rules, the users would have to write rules in .yml files with a pre-defined syntax and upload them, but using this UI, there is no need of writing complex files to create rules.

Rules are a powerful feature in Akeneo which help automate the process of creating and maintaining product information. Often times the rules in Akeneo Enterprise Edition are created and maintained by non-technical and marketing/business users and the Akeneo Rules Composer by Zorang provides them a way to create/maintain rules without the need to write complicated .yml files. The Rules Composer integrates with Akeneo Rules page, for a seamless user experience. Users can launch the Rules Composer directly from the Akeneo Rules page for creating and/or editing rules. The look and feel of the Rules Composer is consistent with the rest of Akeneo UI. If you have existing rules created from the backend, you don’t have to worry, the new Rules Composer will enable you to edit them as well.
Following are the detailed features of Rules Composer:
  1. Create and Edit Rules using the UI listing page in Akeneo
  2. List categories and families as dropdown list for users to select
  3. The attributes are listed as dropdown for users to select
  4. The correct list of operators populate automatically depending upon the attribute type
  5. Additional fields for different types of fields automatically show up depending on the attribute type
  6. Can have multiple conditions and actions. Create and remove number of conditions and actions
  7. Supports multiple locales, scope and currencies
Some knowledge of Rules Engine and how the rules work in Akeneo Enterprise Edition is required.

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General Properties

In General Properties, define rule name, priority and the categories and families to match. Akeneo Rules Composer provides validations and multi-select drop down for categories and families, so that the users don’t have to type and there are no chances for errors. The UI provides the users an intuitive way of defining rules.

Field Properties

Akeneo rules can have multiple conditions on which the products can be matched for applying the rules. The Field Properties section allows the user to create multiple condition one by one. The values change depending on attribute type for selected attributes. The operators are shown as drop down and other fields like value, currency, locale and scope are all shown to the user based on attribute type.

Rule Actions

Just like conditions, Akeneo supports having multiple actions. The user can define multiple actions one by one. Once they choose one of the four actions – set, add, remove or copy, the rest of the fields show up depending on action. The locale, scope, currency fields show up depending on attribute selected so the user only has to fill the fields which are required.