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Product Taxonomy and Website Navigation – a healthy or a sour relationship

For a long time I had been thinking of writing my thoughts on this. In my long consulting career working on and leading WCM, PIM or MDM projects, I have always come across this million dollar question from every client; Should your product taxonomy, be it in PIM, MDM or WCM be the exact replica of the website navigation i.e. the taxonomy/classification hierarchy that we want our end user to navigate while finding products? A consultant’s answer is

Listen to Zorang Co-Founder Sumit Kapoor speak at {API:World} 2017 at San Jose, CA on Sep 27

{API:World} is the world largest vender-neutral API conference. Listen to Zorang Co-Founder Sumit Kapoor speak on “Role of APIs in the World of Rising Machine Self Awareness and Cognitive Systems” at San Jose, CA on Sep 27, 2017.  With the growth in machine learning, neural networks, cognitive systems, self-driving cars, the importance of APIs will only grow. The neural networks can only get better when they are fed data from millions of independent data points. These independent data points

PIM Vs CMS: The tough job of selecting a tool for Content Enrichment for Commerce

If this question was asked few years back, the answer most likely would have been Web Content Management (WCM or CMS). But today with the changing landscape of eCommerce and the tools available, this answer is not that simple. There are a lot of factors that influence this decision and makes it a complicated evaluation that organizations have to do and finally decide whether to invest in a Product Information/Content Management (PIM/PCM) or WCM. Traditionally most product companies have either been storing product

Five Ways how retailers and businesses can incorporate Location Based Marketing in their Digital Marketing efforts

People’s buying habits are changing by the day and it’s difficult for retailers to keep up with the ever-increasing expectations of their customers. More and more people are buying online whether it is apparel, electronics, toys, grocery etc. with only occasional trips to malls and retail locations when they want to return something or need something the same day. People have stopped going to physical stores for touch and feel experience, window shopping and long weekend sales mainly because the online experiences are such

When Zorang met Ziggy! Zorang at Akeneo Partner Summit 2016.

Last week Ziggy hosted Zorang and 27 other partners from 7 countries for it’s Annual Akeneo Partner Summit in it’s hometown Nantes, France. There were Ziggies everywhere, on welcome desk, on stairs, on the stage and in Akeneo HQ 🙂 Zorang was fortunate to join and be part of this great event and to meet the Akeneo family and the partners from all around the world. The Summit started with Partner dinner hosted by Akeneo and then a day full of

Akeneo releases PIM version 1.6

Akeneo released much awaited version 1.6 of it’s open source PIM. Akeneo 1.6 contains lot of improvements as compared to it’s current version and Zorang is excited to be working with it’s latest version for a client implementation. There are many new and much awaited features that Akeneo 1.6 offers in addition to bug-fixes. Akeneo now natively has a support for Microsoft Excel files for import and export. There are significant improvements to the rules engine in this release, namely: There are multiple new