Akeneo releases PIM version 1.6

//Akeneo releases PIM version 1.6

Akeneo released much awaited version 1.6 of it’s open source PIM. Akeneo 1.6 contains lot of improvements as compared to it’s current version and Zorang is excited to be working with it’s latest version for a client implementation.

There are many new and much awaited features that Akeneo 1.6 offers in addition to bug-fixes.

  1. Akeneo now natively has a support for Microsoft Excel files for import and export.
  2. There are significant improvements to the rules engine in this release, namely:
    • There are multiple new operators to refine rules conditions
    • There is a new option in user interface to “Calculate the matching products”. Using this feature, the rules engine informs the user about all the products which will be affected by this rule, without actually running it. This is very useful in the situation where the users are writing new rules or whether to decide how the rules will affect the products.
    • There is a new product import “product import with rules”. This new job calculates the import rules at the end of the job.
    • There is a new mass edit option with rules calculation
    • The rules can now be run individually or in bulk from the rules page.
    • In addition to the above new features, the rules engine performance will be greatly improved in Akeneo 1.6 because the rules now run only on the products which are modified from the previous rule run.
  3. Improvement in the PAM – there are new mass edit options to bulk assign assets into categories and to mass delete assets.
  4.  Improved completeness calculations. In Akeneo 1.6, the product completeness is calculated each time the products are saved with various ways, through import, from UI or through mass edit.

In addition to the above, the Akeneo PIM user interface is enhanced in Akeneo to provide the user more intuitive options.

Akeneo PIM 1.6 is highly awaited and will provide customers a new and improved ways of using their favorite PIM system.